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A live action Dr. Seuss adaptation done right way before the bad ones came out.

The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss is an American live-action/puppet comedy television series based on characters created by Dr. Seuss, produced by The Jim Henson Company. It aired from October 13, 1996 to December 28, 1998 on Nickelodeon.

It is notable for its use of live puppets with digitally animated backgrounds, for refashioning characters and themes from the original Dr. Seuss books into new stories that often retained much of the flavor of Dr. Seuss' own works.

Why This Season Rocks

  1. Unlike the infamous live-action Dr. Seuss films, this live-action puppet show was extremely faithful to the Dr. Seuss books.
  2. Hilarious theme song for its first season.
  3. The awesome puppet character designs set the standards of the works of Dr. Seuss.
  4. Several funny moments.
  5. It was one of Nickelodeon's very first primetime shows.
  6. Great voice acting.
    • Bruce Lanoil is terrific as The Cat in the Hat.
  7. The Cat in the Hat, like in the source material, is helpful, caring, mischievous, playful, funny, lovable, energetic, smart and of course, cool.
  8. Very silly and creative props, including the Muckster and the Snoozer.
  9. Superb special effects.
  10. The Season 1 opening sequence is very fun to watch.
  11. The CG-animation looks spectacular for the lower-budget standards of the mid-1990s.
  12. Perfectly talented puppeteering.
  13. Appealing locations.
  14. The surreal humor is fun.
  15. When the traditional TV puppet show territory meets the golden-aged slapstick comedy for the all-American modern-day standards.
  16. The songs are very funny to listen to.
  17. The puppet characters with CGI backgrounds are combined to give the show an almost advanced quality.
  18. Some episodes have distinctly dark elements, like some Dr. Seuss books.

Bad Qualities

  1. The theme song for its second and final season sounds very cheesy.
  2. Too much green screen spill, and the CG-animated backgrounds look unfinished.
  3. Some characters that Dr. Seuss created don't appear.
  4. The second season is awful and caused the show to go downhill severely; its second season had the lines of a more traditional children's television program.
  5. Some of special effects looks utterly awkward.
  6. Though there have been far scarier-looking puppets than the ones in this show, most of the puppets here look ugly and creepy, even for a kids' show and for Muppet standards.


The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss received mostly positive reviews for staying true to the works of Dr. Seuss. In the recent years, it was an huge improvement over the infamous live-action Dr. Seuss films. It holds a rating of 6.7/10 on IMDB.