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Total Drama is a Canadian animated comedy television series which is a homage and parody to common conventions from reality television. The show and its sequel seasons are collectively referred to as the Total Drama series. It premiered on the Canadian cable channel Teletoon on July 9th, 2007, and on the American cable television channel Cartoon Network on June 5, 2008.


A group of Canadian teenagers competes in a reality show in a parody of reality shows. Everything about the genre is parodied here including the challenges, rules, surprise catches, romances, alliances, back-stabbing, eliminations, confessions, and all around insanity.

Why It Rocks

  1. The characters are purposely presented as one-dimensional stereotypes -- because that's what producers of real reality shows often do to people through judicious editing.
  2. Outside of the gross-out jokes, the show excels at random and surreal comedy.
  3. The high contestant count gave way for a lot of different plots, interactions, and character dynamics.
  4. Chris Mclean is, although cruel at times, a charming and entertaining character, especially for a reality show host.
  5. The series parodies all the tropes of reality shows like Survivor or Big Brother, resulting in a comedic and a more exaggerated take on the genre.
  6. The show practically saved Cartoon Network from the rut during the channel's live-action show phase, paving a way for more teen-targeted shows like Regular Show
  7. The theme song is really catchy.
  8. The challenges are not only pretty cool, but also pretty dangerous.
  9. Beautiful CGI in total drama world tour especially.

Bad Qualities

  1. The writing is pretty lackluster, an example is for a ton of comedic scenes, there is a fart joke following it.
  2. On that topic, there is some gross-out humor throughout the show.
  3. Some censorship in the American broadcast, resulting in a watered down copy of the original.
  4. The character designs are not very good, many claiming it was blocky, flat, and arch-typical.
  5. Total Drama All-Stars, Total Drama Pahkitew Island (for some people) and Total DramaRama pretty crappy.
  6. The love triangle between Courtney, Gwen and Duncan is stretched out too far.