Plot[edit | edit source]

A 12 year-old girl named Reggie has the ability to enter another world created by her powerful desire to stay 12 forever to escape the harshness of incoming adulthood.

Why It Rocks[edit | edit source]

  1. Reggie is a likable character with a reasonable explanation to not grow up
  2. Good animation and cute art style.
  3. The Butt Witch is both an entertaining antagonist and is a good representation of how the female voice changes during puberty.
  4. Great voice acting
  5. Creative character designs.
  6. Reggie has a emotional backstory where no one didn't come to her birthday party.
  7. Catchy theme song.
  8. The show is very relatable to many teens.

Bad Qualities[edit | edit source]

  1. Some unlikable characters, namely Dustin and Dr. Champion.
  2. Some character designs also look creepy and ugly like Borbo for example.
  3. Some characters don't have a lot of character development.
  4. It has some toilet and gross-out humor.
  5. Because of the controversy mentioned above, it resulted in the animation studio behind Twelve Forever, Puny Entertainment shutting down and the show itself being cancelled.
  6. It was poorly advertised which contributed to the show's cancellation.
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