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UniKitty! is a Danish-American, traditionally-animated, comedy-based television series on Cartoon Network. It is based on the 2014 film The Lego Movie.

Why It Rocks

  1. The characters, especially for Unikitty, are very cute and likable, such as the title character.
  2. The voice acting, especially for Grey Griffin, Kate Micucci, Roger Craig Smith, etc. is actually good.
  3. Catchy theme song by Babymetal (a Japanese band that fuses heavy metal and J-pop to make a new genre, called "kawaii metal").
  4. It's very adventurous in terms of storylines.
  5. Very cute animation that was well made in 2017 standards.
  6. The visuals are really well done.
  7. Lots of funny moments and good jokes with better humor and better comedy.
  8. Very well-done story episode plots.
  9. Besides the show itself, the toy-line the LEGO group made is pretty unique as we get a new mold for the Unikitty toy which is more playable than the original Unikitty toy from the 2014 LEGO movie.
  10. Loads of funny moments in the show; an example is a scene from Tour of Unikingdom.
  11. Its series finale: The Birthday To End All Birthdays, was a good way to end the show.

Bad Qualities

  1. The characters can get a bit annoying at times in each episode.
  2. Tara Strong is kinda miscast as UniKitty, due to sounding nothing like the character.
  3. Cringy and inappropriate scenes, such as Hawkodile twerking at the end of the infamous episode, “Grown Up Stuff”.


  • The show is censored in the in the United Kingdom & Asia/Philippines because of UniKitty's rage mode.