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Vary Peri Princess

Vary Peri (zh: 幻变精灵之蛋糕甜心|Huàn biàn jīnglíng dàngāo tiánxīn), also called Sweets Fairy or Magical Wizard Cake Fairy is a 2012 Chinese Cel Shaded 3D Animated series animated by Alpha Group Company. It was produced by Anthony Chen, directed by Han Feng and written by Lu Lingyi, Wang Wei and Ming Riye. It first aired on the Chinese channel Golden Eagle Television and the Cable channel JiaJia Kids from 10 November 2012 to 18 February 2013 with a total of 40 Episodes.

Vary Peri is officially based on the toys of the same name which utilizes a pop-up function when pressed. The overall theme of the series is Desserts and Sweets, as shown to the main characters and the setting. The series is very notable for copying various concepts from Spin Master and Sega Sammy Holdings's toy franchise Zoobles, particularly the Japanese/Korean Version.

Why It's Rocks

  1. It Is Made By Alpha Group Company
  2. The Animation is cute.
  3. The Character design are amazing, especially Mousse Bibi, Mocha Dennis, Vanilla Ellie, Blueberry Angel, Orange Tia, and other characters.
  4. Great voice acting. The voice cast from the franchise reprises their roles in China, and voice actors voice them in the English Dub.
  5. Both The English And Chinese Theme Songs Are Awesome
  6. All of the characters have some good friends she animal & anthropomorphic princess connections and relationships with one and another.
  7. All of the characters from the modern part of the toys Franchise Appear in this show, just like Yoohoo & Friends