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If You Like To Talk To Tomatoes, If A Squash Can Make You Smile, If You Like To Waltz With Potatoes, Up And Down The Produce Aisle....Have We Got A Show For You!

VeggieTales is an American series of children's 3D computer-animated television shows, videos, and feature films featuring anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christian culture. It's had three TV series; in 2014 with VeggieTales in the House, 2017 with VeggieTales in the City, and 2019 with The VeggieTales Show.


Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber are an unlikely duo in a world of talking vegetables. The two friends learn about honesty, kindness, and forgiveness.

Why It Does Rock

  1. The show is really entertaining, creative, and funny, it also manages to do a good job with its various lessons, like God, and without getting too preachy.
  2. The animation in Softimage is really appealing to watch, since "Dave and the Giant Pickle". The Maya animation in The VeggieTales Show is really appealing as well since "The Best Christmas Gift".
  3. All the characters are lovable, funny, and memorable.
  4. It teaches plenty of Biblical lessons and great morals that are not jammed down your kids' throat at all.
  5. Amazing voice acting.
  6. The stories are really interesting and entertaining.
  7. Cause you're his cheeseburger! His precious cheeseburger!
  8. Catchy and heartwarming songs. Most notably, God is Bigger and I Can Be Your Friend.
  9. There are also good dubs of the show.
  10. A lot of pop culture references such as Madame Bovary, Saturday Night Fever, The Avengers, etc.
  11. Catchy theme song.
  12. It was one of the first TV series to be animated entirely in 3D.

Bad Qualities

  1. While the Softimage animation is pretty okay most of the time, some of the Softimage animation in the early 90s era episodes often times has animation errors like objects clipping through something and other minor mistakes, with creepy facial expressions and one major example being the inconsistent lighting in "Are You My Neighbor?".
  2. It had some weak episodes, "The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment!", "Sweetpea Beauty", and "Meaningful Life". "The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment!" suffered from low-quality jokes, recycled music and rushed Maya animation and graphics, and both "Sweetpea Beauty" and "Meaningful Life" were made by an animation studio which focused on the pre-rendered Maya animation and thus looked low-quality for 2010 standards.
  3. Some of the dubs on the other hand, were pretty mediocre.
  4. While the voice acting is very good for most of the dubs, the Arabic dub was not well received.


  • It was first pitched to Nickelodeon in the early 1990s; however, Nickelodeon refused the show, because they didn't want to air CGI cartoons at that time.