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Victorious is an American comedy television series created by Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon. The series focuses on adolescent Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) in her adventures throughout the fictitious performing arts school of Hollywood Arts. Joining the series cast is Leon Thomas III, Matt Bennett, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, and Daniella Monet.

The series was first released on March 27, 2010 after the Kids Choice Awards ceremony of the year, with holding four Emmy nominees. After the greenlight of Sam and Cat, Victoria Justice picked up her disdain at her Twitter feed expressing its cancellation. Because of this, the series was not renewed for a fourth season and was split of the third season. The final episode “Victori-Yes” premiered on February 2, 2013

Why It Rocks

  1. A chock full of a like-able cast, including Tori, Beck, Cat, Andre, Robbie, Cat, Jade, and Rex. Unlike its rival iCarly, they show a racial diversity with two half-Latinx girls, one African-American male, a Canadian-Indian male, and a Jewish nerd leaving Jade and Cat the only Caucasian characters in the core seven.
  2. Awesome soundtrack in most episodes including the series theme song Make it Shine. Not to mention it crossed over with the aforementioned series theme song Leave it All to Me.
  3. Incredibly amusing scenes scattered all over the space.
  4. Decent actuation from the much earlier installments without a sign on monotonous and wooden jokes.
  5. Speaking of WIR #2 the series crossed over with iCarly and one of Schneider‘s previous series, The Amanda Show on the April Fools episode. In the case of the latter the only characters featured from that show were the Dancing Lobsters.
  6. Throughout the series, a FaceBook-type website named TheSlap was ultra radical with the inclusion of games on the actual website.
  7. Plausible and mature storylines in some installments which teens encounter.
  8. The season three premiere “The Breakfast Bunch“ lampooned the 1985 teen film “Breakfast Club.” Since this a family show, some of the R-rated content from the source material was toned down for a general audience such as the drugs being replaced with vegan tacos and Tori using “Forget you!” in place of the expletive Bender muttered out.
  9. The puppet Robbie holds Rex can be a snark knight for a comical character of relieves.
  10. Since the show is mainly music focused, it really displays of how life is like in an institution for the performing arts.

Bad Qualities

  1. A few characters would turn into absolute jerks like Trina and Jade. In the latter case, as a running gag, she usually taunts Tori by musing in a Judy Garland-esque drawl which infuriates a Tori.
  2. The series is somewhat known for its raunchy innuendo jokes popping up in every episode including the time when Andre played X-rated music on his keyboard and in the season one finale on Sikowitz telling him and Tori not to peek under his bathroom cabinet, possibly hiding NSFW magazines or movies.
  3. Unlike iCarly, the show did not conclude with a proper series final leaving many watchers displeased.
  4. Whilst she is the leading character, Tori’s personality started to become very shallow to the point of being an uninteresting character.
  5. Five years after the series end, TheSlap‘s website suspended operations on April 4, 2018. In conjunction, the iCarly website suffered the exact same fate with the outcomes of redirecting to the pages on Nick’s website.
  6. Despite having four volumes, the characters exhibit very small to no enlargements with the acting turning bland sometimes.