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We'll be there! A wink and a smile and a great old time, yeah we'll be there! Wherever we are, there's some fun to be found. We'll be there when you turn that corner we'll jump out the bush with a big bear hug and a smile, we'll be there!

We Bare Bears is an American animated sitcom created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network.


Three brother bears awkwardly attempt to find their place in civilized society, whether they're looking for food, trying to make human friends, or scheming to become famous on the internet. Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear stack atop one another when they leave their cave and explore the hipster environs of the San Francisco Bay Area, and it's clear the siblings have a lot to learn about a technologically driven world. By their side on many adventures are best friend Chloe (the only human character in the cast), fame-obsessed panda Nom Nom, and Charlie, aka Bigfoot.

Why It Rocks

  1. The animation is perfect for the show's setting.
  2. Likable characters, such as the awkward Panda, the monotone Ice Bear, the group leader Grizz, and the charming human Chloe.
  3. Great comedy with accurate timing, such as Ice Bear's unforgettable one-liners.
  4. It has a gentle "slice-of-life" pace.
  5. Cute character designs, even in the human characters.
  6. Adorable intro.
  7. Knows how to make good modern day references.
  8. Creative and funny episodes, such as Food Truck and Chloe.
  9. The background design is impressively detailed.
  10. The idea of 3 innocent bears trying to adapt to modern day society is an amazing concept.
  11. Teaches great lessons about friendship, family, relationships, diversity and acceptance.
  12. Cool Easter Eggs are inserted in the show. For example, in My Clique, Chloe is watching an episode of Adventure Time. This scene is a reference to the fact that Chloe's voice actor plays multiple roles in Adventure Time.
  13. Great halloween episodes that are like the Treehouse Of Horror in The Simpsons, Except more modern
  14. It spawned a movie called We Bare Bears: The Movie a year after the series ended.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some exaggerated pop culture references, such as long-dead internet memes.
  2. Panda and Grizz can be annoying at times.
  3. Nom Nom and many human characters can be very unlikable.
  4. The series finale, “Panda’s Birthday” was terrible because it was pandering to Monsta X fans.
  5. Some episodes may be worst, such as Professor Lampwick


  • Estelle, the voice of Garnet in another Cartoon Network show called Steven Universe, also sings the theme song for We Bare Bears.
  • The first Cartoon Network show to be based on a webcomic. The webcomic is called The Three Bare Bears, by the same creator.
  • Nobody calls Ice Bear by name, except for Ice Bear himself.
  • Bobby Moynihan, Patton Oswalt and Jason Lee each did voice work in Pixar Films.
  • Grizz and Panda never say "ice bear" throughout the show. Instead, they call him: bro, brother, little bro, or they don't call him anything.
  • When it rains all three bears turn a lighter shade of their original colors.