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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is an educational kids game show that aired on PBS Kids. It's based on the hit educational computer game for the Apple IIGS system by BroderBund Software Inc. The contestants (AKA the Gumshoe) must travel around the world to search for the evil criminal lady named Carmen Sandiego.

Why it Rocks?

  1. Several clue segments in round 1.
  2. The slide show segment before 2.
  3. Phone conversation Carmen Sandiego and today's villain.
  4. When a gumshoe completes the map round, Sirens and horns are sound and the Newspaper headline reads "(Gumshoe name) Captures Carmen!" (In Season 4 onward, They would have Carmen behind bars).
  5. "Disturbing the Heavenly Peace" (First aired on October, 5, 1992) was the only episode to have a Celebrity playing with a gumshoe.
  6. In Round 2 of "The Gateway Getaway", The player got the Loot, The Warrant, and the Crook, all in one turn. And plays 500 dollars bound.

Why it sucks?

  1. When a gumshoe fails to complete the bonus round 45 seconds (or 60 seconds if Asia Map is used), The Newspaper headline would read "CARMEN ESCAPES AGAIN!" And in Season 4, The headline image will have Carmen disappear and leaving with just a white silhouette.
  2. The lost episode, "Auld Lang Gone" will never air. There was technical issues. Which was too bad. Because the good thing was, It had a clue segment with the late Gene Wilder (best known as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). But the main issues were:
    1. The plastic diver guy's water tank broke.
    2. Greg's jacket accidentally ripped.
    3. Marc Summers (of Nickelodeon's Double Dare) filled in as the host while Greg Lee filled in as the Chief while Lynne Thigpen had a sore throat.
    4. The main chaos was, The winning gumshow slipped and fell and got injured during the map round. The runners up came and completed the map round for the winning gumshow.