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YFMTS (your favorite martian the series) Is An Adult Animated Webseries That Aired On Animonster's YouTube Channel On December 2 2011 And Ended On April 2012.

It's A Spin-off Of Powerhouse.

Why It Rocks

  1. Stays True To The Music Videos, But In A Comedic Way.
  2. Puff And Tig Has A Good Relationship, As Seen In (bus arrest).
  3. Bad Seed Is When Puff Is Rivals With Tara.
  4. Decent Animation, Good Voice Acting, Funny Jokes Such As In The Episode ISO TANK, Puff Puff Calls His Band Cock Munchers, And Raunchy Humor.
  5. It Is A Spin-Off Of Powerhouse, But With More Profanity, Sexual Content, And Dirty Jokes.
  6. Gia Gps Is A Very Attractive Character.
  7. Puff Puff Is Just As Crude And Vulgar As He Is In The Music Videos.
  8. Poppy Voice Acting.

The Only Bad Qualities

  1. Quarantine Was A Bad Episode, For Example, Benatar Gets Sick And Chicken Pox, So Puff Puts Benatar's Dirty Tissues In Dee-Jay's, And Axel's Mouth, Making Them Both Have Chicken Pox, Puff Later Gets Them To
  2. The Series Was Cancelled After 11 Episodes And 1 Season, Maybe Due To The Maker Studios Controversy
  3. Puff's Hatred Towards Benatar Gets Really Menacing.