"You're in Control" is the 53rd & 54th episode of Season 1 of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, the 53rd & 54th episode overall, and the season one finale.


When Boxmore deploys a new threat, K.O. must turn to an old enemy for help.

Why It Rocks

  1. The animations is once again clean and bouncy, which can be fully seen through the action scenes.
  2. A good chunk of the episodes are kinetic and action-packed.
  3. Boxman Jr., the new antagonist of the episode, is a great villain, intimidating and powerful despite being built as a infant.
  4. Supporting characters like Carol, Dendy, and Dynamite Watkins all get a chance to shine.
  5. When the theme song began to play when K.O. beats the crap out of Boxman Jr.
  6. Main protagonists, K.O., Radicles, Enid, and even T.K.O get huge character development.
  7. The episode ends with Darrell, dressed in a cowboy suit, stating that "there's a new daddy in town", which was the best plot twist in the episode.

Bad Qualities

  1. The whole Darrell where he is trying to redeem himself to his doubting father Lord Boxman, can get pretty cheesy. 
  2. Rad and Enid act out-of-character in the beginning of the episode when they get suspicious about K.O.


  • The "New crisis approaching!" banner is similar to the "New challenger approaching!" banner seen in the character reveal trailers for Super Smash Brothers series, more particularly Wii U/3DS.
  • The scene where we see half of Boxman Jr's face is burnt off and exposes his robotic is similar to T20's getting burnt off in Terminator (1984).
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