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It's MUNCH better than a board game, Candy Land.

Zuzubalândia was a Brazilian live-action/puppet musical comedy series that aired by the SBT. It was created by Mariana Caltabiano, being her first work of great recognition before the public. The program revolves around Zuzu, a cute little bee girl that lives in Zuzubalândia (in the original book, was called Jujubalândia) together with all her friends. It was aired from April 13, 1998 to 2000.

Why It Rocks

  1. Talented puppeteering.
  2. The props are creative.
  3. Hilarious theme song.
  4. Zuzu was a very cute protagonist.
  5. The location of Zuzubalândia is pure creative, as the place was made of food. In fact, you don't steal these from grocery stores, or eat them, you'll have to create them.
  6. Zuzu's character design for this live-action program was made, similar to the 1969 standards of Sesame Street.
  7. Best voice acting.
  8. Several funny moments.
  9. Decent soundtrack.
  10. It received an animated reboot.
    • To promote an rebooted animated series, Mariana Caltabiano decided to teamed up Zuzu with a dog duo of Gui & Estopa, in both episodes of this other series.

Bad Qualities

  1. While the voice acting was great, Zuzu's voice was almost femininity, and her singing voice was extremely abusive.
  2. Some puppet designs looks a much more FLAT.